A Day in the Life of an Indonesian Student

5:30- She eats breakfast with her sister before school. They have rice, chicken, and vegetables, and an iced chocolate drink.

7:00- When she has extra time, she plays gamelan, traditional music. She dances with her dad.

10:00- She studies reading, writing, math, and science.

12:00- She gets out of school very early and goes home. Her dog is there to greet her when she comes home.

1:00- Her and her sister try to nap before going back to school because it is too hot to go outside.

5:00- Sometimes her father takes her across the city through the rice fields to visit her aunt.

A day in the life of Alexis Stratman

7:20- I wake up for school and leave at 7:40. It is a 5 minute drive to school.

10:56- I eat my school lunch with my friends.

11:30- i go to my art class with some of my best friends.

2:45- I leave school for the day and usually go home.

5:00- Some days I have cheer practice from 5-7.

10:00- I get my shower, brush my hair and my teeth, and go to bed. Then, my routine starts over.

Indonesia daily life compared to American life....

Indonesia is much different from America. The people act differently and the economy isn't the same. For example, here is a summary of each country.

Indonesia- Kids wake up and eat breakfast, go to school, but they come back home in mid-day. The weather is so hot so they sleep or do something inside.

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2 years ago

yeah,as an indonesian kid, i grew up watching western movies portraying american kids' daily life. and i was like "phew..that must be exhausting, staying at school all day long"😲