Seeley Capital Management - Financial Planning Firm

Headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, Seeley Capital Management was founded in 2004 by Christopher J. Seeley. Offering financial and wealth management advisement, the company serves clients looking to create and maintain wealth through stocks, 401(k) rollovers, and mutual funds. Working to assist clients in securing the wealth needed to retire comfortably, Seeley Capital Management strives to maximize returns for investors through careful analysis of investments. The firm collaborates with the top money managers in the United States, including Fidelity and John Hancock Mutual Funds.

In addition to wealth management services, Seeley Capital provides representation and counsel during the structured settlement process, which involves a series of payments rather than a lump sum. The firm’s team works to ensure its clients’ best financial interests by evaluating their unique needs and offering mediation services. After a structured settlement is finalized, the firm also offers investing services for clients seeking to invest settlement funds.

To learn more about Seeley Capital and its services, as well as contact information and office locations, visit, or call 1 (877) 295-1918 toll-free to reach a customer service representative.