A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Gabe Seely
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Mophie Juice: All Powerless
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

By Gabe Seely


     Do you know the feeling you get when you’re watching a video on your smartphone, you're just about to get to the good part, and suddenly your screen goes black? How about that moment when you realize that you lost all the contacts stored on your phone, not in your brain? Civilized humans have become increasingly dependent on their electronic devices. They are used in almost every aspect of life and we have evolved into a media-centric society. Information has become immediately accessible in ways it has never been before. When we are cut off from the web, we feel vulnerable and lost. When your phone loses power, you lose power.

     The world has gone amuck. Bizarre phenomena are occurring across the globe, wreaking havoc on all. Snow falls on a desert village in Africa while a violent hurricane rips through Nebraska. A ferris wheel careens through the streets of New York, while a crazy man running through the streets wearing a sandwich board ironically proclaiming “The end of the world is near” is stuck violently by a minivan, only to spring back up looking confused but unharmed. A tree spontaneously catches fire and combusts and a tsunami tears through Paris.

     These are all catastrophes portrayed in the advertisement for Mophie Juice Pack, a high priced battery case for smartphones and other electronic devices. At the end of this enthralling ad, "God" is shown looking through a phone screen and viewing the pandemomium below, when the battery dies and the screen goes black. Even the “All Powerful”, becomes powerless without his electronic device.

     This commercial is targeted at sophisticated, tech-savvy people. It portrays God as being an African American man, which could be upsetting to those with a strict set of differing beliefs. The target audience is one who is open minded and willing to accept new ideas. This advertisement is not necessarily gender specific and appeals to both males and females. For those who are always on the go, Mophie Juice is the perfect product.

     From the very beginning, the advertisement is startling yet captivating. It catches your attention as it is visually complex, and several seconds into it, you realize that all you know to be true is no longer applicable. The earth is in chaos and literally the animals are running the zoo. As the ad progresses, it becomes more apparent that nothing is predictable. Your views and beliefs are constantly being challenged. The advertiser strives to create a feeling of suspense that keeps the audience’s attention through to the very end. The product being marketed is not revealed until the final seconds of the commercial.

     There is little to no evidence given by the advertiser to support the claim that the audience will miss out on the apocalypse we have been waiting on for billions of years if your cell phone goes dead. They rely on the emotional reaction the audience has to the thought of not having access to internet and missing out to supply that “evidence”. This message is implied through visual images that the audience will then infer. The advertiser uses hyperbole and exaggeration, showing the world in utter chaos as a metaphor for the loss of control a person feels without having battery power for their smartphone. The advertiser preys upon your fear that you might actually be powerless, therefore you will buy their product to assure that this will never happen to you.

     The Mophie Juice Pack advertisement does an excellent job of giving its brand name recognition. The product is revealed only in the end of the commercial, rather than throughout, leaving the viewer with a sense that they watched a movie and not an advertisement. This strategy is shrewd as they have made the commercial so interesting to watch, that It might need to be viewed several times before the audience actually is able to identify the name of the product and exactly what it is. The product is valuable, and a large section of the advertiser’s target audience may not have known that such a thing exists until viewing this commercial.

     Do you want your personal electronic device to lose power when you're not expecting it, particularly at a highly critical moment? Of course not, and if you can prevent this then you certainly would! Whether you’re making an important phone call or using your device to watch a video, losing power on your phone or electronic device is a frustrating and dreadful experience. Staying connected to the world around us is a necessity to keep up with the fast paced modern lifestyle. While the advertisers are appealing to the audience on an emotional level, primarily appealing to our fear and humor, the ad argues that Mophie Juice battery pack is needed by all, even god himself.

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