Questionnaire Results

To research into my target audience I distributed a questionnaire via the internet, I also held interviews and asked people to give their opinion on a music video - they became my focus group. When writing my questionnaire I realized that my primary aim of using this questionnaire was to identify who my target audience are as well as their likes and dislikes, I tried to remember this when writing my questionnaire so that it was shaped to fit its aims. This was my first step in identifying who my target audience was and what I needed to put within my product in order to make it appealing. I used when writing my questionnaire as I had used it before and I knew how to use it. I was also very aware of how easily distributed the questionnaires could be on the platform, Survey Monkey. This was very useful because it enabled me to distribute my questionnaire massively; I was able to distribute it through both Facebook and twitter and so thus got a number of responses which helped me to identify my target audience. I asked a number of questions through my questionnaire:

  • How old are you?
  • What gender are you?
  • Do you enjoy watching music videos?
  • What do you expect to see in a music video for the pop genre?
  • What kind of setting do you expect to see in a pop music video?
  • What is appealing to you in pop music videos?
  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • Do you like to know about the personal life of celebrities?
  • What colours are most appealing?
  • What do you think the general audience for a pop music video are interested in?

I decided that these questions were most appropriate as it would help in receiving an image of my target audience, which I could then build on later through my focus group and target audience interviews. To ensure I was able to build up this image I started with the basics (the first two questions) and found that my target audience was generally 16-20 and that 73.1% were female. This is helpful because I can start to figure out the demographics and then psycho graphics of my target audience. As my product is going to be a music video, I thought it was important to establish that my target audience enjoyed watching music videos – this is to ensure I am getting relevant responses - fortunately the majority were, this means that my results can be followed as a guideline for my product because my questionnaire was being answered by the appropriate people.

I then moved on to more specific questions to identify clearly what my target audience both expected and wanted. I used questions with several answers and the feature that they could answer with more than one answer. This was so that I could have the widest picture possible of what my target audience expect to see in a music video for the pop genre. This is important because I need to ensure that when I produce my music video it fits into the expected conventions of the pop music genre. I got mixed answers from this question; however, the most popular answer was for the music video to have a narrative/story line. This is really important because through my research into similar products I found music videos with fairly weak narratives that emphasizes on the atmosphere of the sing itself and used this alongside crosscutting to produce the music video. This was the song Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. I believed the elements of this music video, even without a particularly strong narrative; made it a very strong music video because of it illustrated the song. However, from this target audience I have come to realise that perhaps the video did not have a weak narrative, but instead the narrative was abstract and subtle. This is definitely an element I want to consider when producing my music video. But it is clear from the results of the questionnaire that I must have a narrative throughout my video, this is definitely a feature that defines pop music videos against that of particular alternative music videos such as Sky Ferreira’s Lost in My Bedroom. The next most popular answer for this question was focus on the artist, I expected this as it is an obvious convention of the pop music genre and this is something I must make clear when producing my music video as it must have equal balance to the importance of the story line because I know this is a clear convention of pop music videos. I must also include the other important features that were revealed in the results of this questionnaire. As demonstrated below, it is clear that a number of features are expected and in order to make my music video conventional I must try to include these as much as possible.

In order to get as much information as possible from this questionnaire I asked what kind of setting my target audience would expect, this was in order to make my music video as conventional as possible. The majority selected the beach; this is quite a difficult location because of the external factors that can easily effect the production of a music video at this location. But in order to make my product appealing to my target audience I must ensure as much as possible to stick to the results of a questionnaire as a guide. However, a high percentage also selected studio which is quite helpful as this means I can have various locations in my music video, this means that I can use crosscutting which appears to be quite commonly used thus making it quite a conventional editing technique in the pop music genre. This is also means that filming might not be as difficult as I first believed. This is definitely helpful for the production of my music video in terms of practicality. Several settings received a high number of responses; this means that I do have a little more freedom in choosing a location because, as mentioned previously, production at the beach could prove to be difficult.

Similar to that of an earlier question, instead of asking what my target audience expected to see in a pop music video I asked what they would find appealing, this was in order to create focus on my target audience and I hoped that this question would help me identify what my target audience wanted in a music video for the pop music genre, this would enable my product to be as appealing as possible. This was really important to me. From the table below, it’s clear that I got a fairly mixed response from this question. However, it also confirms what I earlier found out: that the narrative/story line of the music video is the most important factor. Although, I must ensure to add weight to the importance of the focus on the artist in order to make it conventional. This is all supported through this question, as a considerable amount of people selected focus on the artist as what they would find appealing in a pop music video. This question is essential in building up an image of my target audience and what they expect of my product.

To build up a stronger picture of whom my target audience are and the demographics and psycho graphics within my target audience I asked them about what they did in their spare time. This was so that I could really create an image of them which I could work with and use elements of in my music video, so that perhaps in some ways they find it relatable, but mainly in order to understand them and understand what is appealing to them and what to do within my music video to make it more appealing. The top two answers for this questionnaire, both with 80.8% were socializing and listening to music. This is what I expected from this questionnaire and helped me to get to know my target audience. I wrote my next question (do you like to know about the personal life of celebrities?), in order to identify what kind of people I was aiming at. This is because the pop genre of music is so wide that there are several sub-genres within it. Often the pop genre is seen as being full of obsessed fans that have to know everything, this is a key factor of the pop genre, however, I aiming at “the-in-between”, people who like to know about the celebrity’s personal life but aren’t quite so obsessed. This was interesting as I received the results for my questionnaire and found that the majority were interested in the celebrity’s personal life. This has made clear to me the part of the pop genre that I am aiming at, and I can deduce that they are interested but not in every little thing. This is the kind of audience I would like to aim at anyway so this is definitely helpful.

I needed to get some more in-depth details about what my target audience wanted, so in order to do this I asked what colours they would find most appealing, it is clear from the results that blue was the most popular colour, so in taking this on board, I think I will have to ensure that the costume my main artist wears is blue. This is so that my video is appealing as possible.