SURBO-Light Pressure Turbo System

since 2001 in Malaysia

What is SURBO?

Surbo - Light Pressure Turbo System increases the air intake velocity/pressure of your car to create a much more leaner and powerful combustion hence giving you more pickup, more horsepower plus lower fuel consumption at the same time. Your car will brake faster, reduce air-con load, easier overtaking, hill climbing and added weight of extra passenger. no modification needed, plug & play 15- 60 minute installation.


The Surbo gives more energy, enabling quick acceleration towards the more economical higher gears in a shorter time.                                                                           

If driving on highways, the vehicle easily exceeds speed limits due to the higher torque, so there will be more rolling and thus exceptional fuel savings.                                       

In the city, there is the same extra rolling momentum due to quicker acceleration,but much of that can be lost to braking.Thus, fuel savings can range from minimum zero (during hard sprinting in the city) to over twenty percent on the highway. Most customers report an overall improvement of 10% in economy.


The Surbo system is guaranteed for life per installation.                                                 This includes the Surbo   (metal part), and the rubber adaptor                                          or housing that the Surbo is put in, and that particular installation.  

For example, if the Surbo system remains unchanged and on the same car for ten years, then our warranty for that particular Surbo system will be for ten years.

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