The Four Cs to Help You Select the Perfect Diamond

If you are buying diamond for the first time, you need to consider a few points that might help you pick the right one. Purchasing a diamond should be a pleasurable experience, not something that is overwhelming or nerve-wracking since it involves a lot of capital. So here they are, the four Cs that you need to know about for the perfect purchase. Follow this diamond guide in order to know more about diamonds and their characteristic features.


The cut of a diamond determines the sparkle it generates ad has a great impact on the diamond’s overall appearance. If a diamond is not cut properly, then the light escapes out of the sides which reduces the real appeal of a diamond as well as the stone’s quality. A well-cut diamond reflects light, producing the characteristic glitter and shine.


A diamond is supposed to be colourless and its colour grading is based on how colourless it is. The lesser the colour, the higher the colour grade since colourless stones are rare and reflect light better. A colourless diamond would be between grades D and F, whereas if you prefer your diamond with some colour, then you can go in for grade G to I. Other diamonds have a slight yellow tinge, but it is impossible to tell with the naked eye.


Diamonds, of course, contain some imperfections; it is rare if you find one without them. But one needn’t worry since most of these imperfections are microscopic and do not affect its beauty in any way. Thus, clarity refers to the imperfections that appear in the finest of diamonds and a higher grade is bestowed upon the one with the least of those blemishes.

Carat and weight

A carat does not reflect a diamond’s size but is only a measure of the diamond’s weight. So once you have selected the apt cut, colour and clarity grade, it becomes easier for you to determine the weight in order to suit your budget and requirements. Thus, the weight and size of a diamond is measured in carats. The more carats to a diamond, the more expensive it shall be.

Hoping this diamond guide was useful. Wish you luck for the purchase!