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Stretching Selenium Grid abilities

Selenium 2.xx has generated-in Metered Performance which supplies assistance regarding dispersed check delivery i.e. several check automatic programs could be operate in the same time-on various devices operating on various OS and surfers. Metered runs on the Default Capability Matcher to complement the equipment(Node) required by check software within the grid create. Presently it utilizes just the S/W, Visitor and its own edition to obtain the required node. This is often prolonged to complement the Memory or even the Program Kind or every other Device settings to determine the node.
Assume you've a metered using hundred nodes and also you wish to operate your assessments on 64bit devices to check on regarding particular mistakes or their efficiency with this program kind. You've hundred proxies to cope with. You'll need certainly to proceed and examine the machine type of every, and unregistered the nodes which have 32 bit or every other program kind. This becomes really tiresome work. To create this easy, we are able to lengthen the present Default Capabilit Matcher course to include a power to complement the machine kind. When this really is completed, metered can make certain to perform assessments about the devices using the correct abilities.
Available the Default Capability Matcher signal and feel the reasoning of fits technique. This really is accountable for examining when the capacity (OS, Visitor and Edition) required by Check software can be obtained using the metered. We are able to additionally create this process from-scratch by straight Applying the software Capability Matcher.

For the time being, you want to keep consistently the current signal to complement OS, visitor and edition because it is, and simply put in a function to complement the machine kind additionally. Let's observe how we are able to understand this heading.
1.Add a brand new Espresso Task in Eclipse. Title it as Extending Grid. 2.Add a brand new Course My Capability Matcher. 3.Add the most recent selenium software-host-separate container towards the task course route. 4.Write the signal to incorporate abilities regarding OS Kind or mounted Memory.

This course may initial obtain the consequence of coordinating the initial standard abilities and conserve it in default Capabilities Availability. It'll next examine when the person provides required for that Program Sort additionally. When the check software hasn't requested for just about any particular program kind, subsequently the program may reunite caused by standard abilities accessibility. Just in case, the check software offers requested to get a program kind Like: 64bit, then your signal may achieve the otherwise prevent. Below it'll examine when the required 64bit OS can there be within the accessible nodes, and reunite the end result.
Check here:

Actions to operate the check
To make use of this within our Metered create, we have to produce a container for that over task. Put it along side selenium separate container and include them both towards the classpath. This is actually the test order to begin the centre:
">>coffee -cp *;. org.openqa.grid.selenium.GridLauncher -part centre -capabilityMatcher MyCapabilityMatcher
This can begin Centre in the standard port 4444. We have to stipulate the ability while beginning the node:
">>espresso -container selenium software-host-separate-2.42.2.jar -part node -centre -visitor browserName=firefox,maxInstances=3,nodeOS=64-touch
This can begin the Node in the standard port 5555. All of the assessments that request 64bit OS and opera visitor or simply opera visitor is likely to be sent for this node. To verify the settings, start visitor and attempt to entry the grid.
You need to get something similar to this:
Configuration In the above mentioned webpage, you can observe the node is utilizing My Capability Matcher and it has a-64-bit OS. You can now operate the assessments and it'll discover the device using 64 bit OS and operate the check. If we alter the check software to request a 32 bit OS of course if it's unavailable within the metered, next it'll provide a mistake stating the brand new program can't discover the Abilities.

Stretching Metered abilities won't just help handle the nodes greater, it'll additionally provide a better concept by what is certainly going on during check software delivery and assist in debugging check problems.

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