Create a Tackk to sell online.

Easily sell your items or products online, for free.

Have something that you made or something that has been sitting in the attic for ages? You can sell it quickly and easily on Tackk -- Make a Tackk that describes the item, include pictures, set up a payment option through Paypal, and have a form of contact for potential buyers. Then you can share across all of your social networks.

Step 1: Get started.

Use this template to get started with making your Tackk.

STEP 2: Start editing.

Click anywhere within the Event Tackk and begin to edit the different sections. If you want to add a piece of content, click and drag the + button (on the left of the page) where you want to add something, anywhere on the page.

Depending on what you're trying to sell, you can add different pieces of content. Give bulleted details of the items with text, show pictures or a video, set up a way for buyers to pay, or use a form for people to ask question. Tackk is extremely customizable and can be tailored to your needs.

Once you have the content that you want you can explore the side panel to further customize your Tackk. Go through the tabs at the top to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds. You can also create a custom URL for your page to share with others.

Step 3: Finish and share.

Now that your Tackk looks great, click the blue Finish button in the editor panel to publish. Now you can share it across all your social networks and via email. Select the last tab in the editor panel to spread the word.

Explore More of Tackk!

There are many more pieces to tackk that make it more than just a content creator. You can also check out other tackks that people made, make your own tackks searchable with tags, and begin to make Tackks for all kinds of purposes.