Career Research Project

Elementary Teacher
Corey Panicucci

Professional Requirements

  • Student teaching- It will give you a chance to get used to a classroom environment.
  • Certification- Passing a competency test, earning bachelor's degree, completing a teacher training program and completing supervised practice teaching.
  • Continued Education- Might want to continue learning other courses even if it is not required, just to continue your professional development.
  • National Certification- It is not required but you might want to be certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to understand young children more.

Education Reqirements

  • Take all main courses that you can.
  • Have a 4 year bachelors degree
  • Take a state test before receiving your teachers license

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University has a nice looking campus, it seems like a fun college to go to. Western is not to far from my home and its tuition and fees is $10,940. The three most popular majors at this school are agriculture and related science, Area, ethic, cultural, and gender studies, and biological and bio medical sciences. Western is a medium sized school and has many activities to do outside of school.

Words to Live By

St. Malachy School saying: Live, Love, Learn, Pray these are the things we do everyday.

This is important to life because you want to live your life to the fullest, love everything and everyone in it, learn all you can, and pray about things that are not how you want them in your life.

My Role Model

My role models are my brothers, all 3 of my brothers are all hard working and don't complain about not wanting to do the job they have been asked to do. Each of them want to finish their job fast and correct. Everybody always says to my family that their so fast moving and good at what they do.

I would like to be more like them when I have a job. I will not complain about the work I have to do and I will make sure I am doing it right. I want people to think the same thing about as the do my brothers. My 3 brothers are my role models because they don't quit.


When Principals are interviewing hopefully soon to be teachers they are looking for many things they have to have. Patricia Green, principal at Cedar Heights Junior High School in Port Orchard, Washington tells us the qualities you should have to be a teacher, "I seek a candidate who can truly communicate with students, parents, peers, and our community. I'm looking for someone who understands human growth and development, knows how to respond in age-appropriate ways to students, and realizes that the behaviors we teach our students are oftentimes equally as important as the subjects they learn. I also seek someone who has chosen teaching as a passion rather than as a job; if I find people who truly love teaching, then I know I have found folks who see each day as an opportunity to help others learn and grow instead of people who think about coming to 'work.' Finally, I seek team players who are able to relate their subject areas to the world around them in order to help students understand the why's behind the what's they are learning"(Green 1). These are just some of the things they look at when you are interviewing to be a teacher. This will help me practice these things to make me be the right person for the job. I can look at this to help improve my skills to be a teacher. This is important because it can help you decide if you have the skills that most people are looking for when they interview you to be a teacher.

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