Mobile Apps in Secondary Classroom

Module 9: Mobile Learning

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myHomework is a calendar / student planner app that helps the students keep track of homework, tests, projects, and lessons supported by the reminder function. This application is device friendly, which means that it could be used by using different mobile devices including iPads, Android phones, iPhones, Windows 8, etc. Class schedules can be added based on blocks and periods so the students can easily remind themselves of their class times and classrooms. Teachers can also create their own class page and share their syllabus, resources, and post announcements. All the data saved on this app can be shared and synced with other devices as well. This was suggested as on of the Top 10 Back-to-School iPhone Applications.

3D Brain

This is a visual app illustrating impressive 3D graphics, structures, and functions of the brain. It provides detailed information about disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research. For students who are very good visual learners, they can use this app to zoom in and rotate the model to view different sections of the brain. Teachers can use it to highlight different functions and parts of the brain in class instead of using textbooks. Aslo, they can construct and assign homework based on the app so that the students can interactively engage by using the app. This application is not only used for educational purposes, but many other professionals use it as a reference. IItifat Husain, MD referred it as "Free, Fun to Use, And Useful at the Same Time" in his app review.


BrainPop is an ideal app that supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which provides educational movies and quizzes on different subjects which are updated regularly. Students can use this app to study on their own outside of school when they need extra help on understanding a specific topic. In class, teachers can use the videos that are posted on this app to teach materials and work on the quiz either as a class, or by dividing the students into groups. This will construct a fun learning environment for the students. BrainPop also has different subscribing options for classrooms, schools, districts, families, home-schools, and virtual schools. All these subscriptions include mobile access. Moreover, when using this tool in a classroom, BrainPop gives their own suggestions and ideas on how teachers could use it to construct an effective learning environment.

Science Glossary

Science Glossary has a collection of scientific terms which is supported by the Vision Learning organization. This app provides easy accessibility to the vocabularies that are frequently used in science courses, so students can search the words without having to search the textbook or internet for an accurate definition. It is geared for high school and undergraduate students by providing detailed science modules linked to each vocabulary. Since there are different definitions to science vocabulary, teachers can also use this app as a reference and address it if they think that the app provides a more viable definition.

ChemReference: Periodic Table

This is a perfect app for accessing information on the periodic table. It is a useful tool for obtaining information such as properties, orbital filling, and visualizations of the elements with an easy and quick navigation system, keyboard short-cuts and search options. Since periodic table is very frequently used in high-school chemistry classes, students and teachers can use this to effectively find desired information for studying, doing assignments and also teaching. They would not have to spend time looking up the information if they are able to use this app. This app was selected as one of the 40 Most Awesome iPad Apps for Science Students by Staff Writers.


Socrative is a smart response system that allows students and teachers to answer questions and surveys using their mobile devices. Students and teachers can view the results by the tracking system. It is very easy and fast to use so it will be useful for teachers to enhance engagement of students in a classroom. Tests and quizzes can be structured by using the app and it will take less time to grade them. Also it can be used as a survey tool to get feedback from the students on what they think about the class. Richard Byrne suggests that Socrative will help gather anonymous questions and answers and also enable the teachers to host "space race," which is a competitive format for quizzes that could be played as a team or individually.

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