My Mini Myth Knowledge Maker

By:Jason O'Neal

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A myth is a  traditional, fiction story that expresses proper behavior and the punishments of not doing so. They can also explain natural events, or how an object was acquired/exists. Typically involving supernatural powers and/or gods.

Hermes, the god of merchants, travel, shepherds, thieves, messenger of the gods.

Hermes/Mercury (above) is the god of merchants, travel, shepherds, and the guide for dead souls to the under world. He is a big prankster and he is cunning/inventive (see Apollo, Hermes, and the cows). He is also the gods' "mail man"-Messenger god.

Hermes, Apollo, And the 50 Golden Cows

Hermes was born on a cave and a few months after, Hermes sneaked out in the middle of the night. He went to the pasture were Apollo kept his sacred cattle. Hermes, being a prankster, stole all 50 of the cattle. How he did it was he had put bark on the bottom of the cows' feet so they would not show, and they had a broom on their tail to erase the tracks so Apollo would not know were the cows went. Hermes hid the cows in a grove on top of a mountain, but he sacrificed 2 to the 12 Olympians, including himself as the twelth. Using the remains of the sacrificed cows and an empty tortise shell, Hermes created the first lyre. After that, Hermes climbed back into the cave and acted like nothing was wrong. Apollo, however, went to check on his cows and found the pasture empty. He asked an oracle who took the cows and it said Hermes had. Apollo was furious. He went to the cave and ordered Hermes to tell him were the cows were. Hermes tried to deny it, but Zeus told Hermes to tell Apollo were the cows were. Hermes Agreed and showed Apollo were the cows were. When Apollo realized 2 were missing, Hemes played music on the lyre so beautifully that Apollo traded the entire herd for the lyre.

And that is how the first lyre was made and why Hermes became a god.


Sirens are mermaids that sing very beautifully. So beautifully that sailors often are lured by there voice. One story of a survival of the sirens is when the Argonauts Sailed past them. They were not lured because someone on the ship played louder music.


Because Hermes made the lyre, its beautiful music is still played today. Also, Hermes will help out sales persons with their sales pitch.

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