What type of weapons did they use in World War I?
     By Glenn Crain & Matthew Mounce

This picture shows two soldiers shooting a MG42, a weapon that was very useful during this time.

First, World War 1 was the start of tanks, and a new type of warfare. A start of new guns like MP40, MG42, STG44, Poison gas, and flamethrowers.Although, some weapons were more successful than
others. Mortar were so successful in WWI, they are still used to this day. Also, aircraft was very basic at the start of the war but got more complex as the war went on.

This is only one way the soldiers used to communicate with their leaders, with radios.

Although, there were no telephones or computers, they used the radio, morse code, and pigeons! These were all very helpful in the war to communicate with leader and fellow soldiers. However, pigeons were one of the most used types of communication. Also, the communication saved many lives from future attacks. There weren't a lot of ways to communicate, but radios and pigeons were used the most

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