wonder character in the spotlight:

character tie to theme

The theme that my character ties to is chances. I think that olivia learned that you need to give people an nother chance like miranda. As example with  the part when olivia forgives her i think that was a big impact. so if they get to be friends again they might stay friends.so olivia gave miranda a chance.

characters influnces

I think that august made a big impact on oli(via).because olivia had a hardtime dealing with august always being babyed.but when they get bear the puppy i think they get closer together and august will be closer.cause via and august need to be close.

art representation

my character is via I chose this painting.this painting is called flower trail . this was painted by Monet and I like.It as a lot of flowers. I chose this because via's life is like one big trail of life because via started like she didn't know were she was going but in the middle of the book she grows when she meets this new character named Justin and she kind of popped out of her shell. and goes on her journey.