Helping a Friend

There are times in a person’s life where they may be asked to help a friend in a way that seems extraordinary and possibly outside of a person’s individual goals. It is during these times that you find out who your friends truly are, because many people will turn away and just do the safe thing rather than stick their neck out for that thing that you need more than anything. It is not easy to be an individual that is in a place that is not home or has no network of friends or family to count on. Very often they are asked to count on a select group of people and that can mean narrowing down to one or two friends to ask for a favor. That was the situation that Sergio Benitez face some 20 years ago when he was not the asker of a favor but the person who was being asked a favor. The situation was that he had a friend who had been visiting the United States and was facing her time to go back. While they were romantic at times in their relationship, he had no desire to marry her, but when she asked him to marry her so that she could stay, he decided to give their relationship another try. It turned out that for her, it was all about the status and despite the fact that they were married for a couple of years, it was not a relationship that was meant to be. They are still friends and she is grateful for having tried marriage with him.

Sergio Benitez and Hobbies

Sergio Benitez is an experienced horse trainer that lives in the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is always working on his skills and on training horses to jump in a variety of events on behalf of clients. While he enjoys his work and it affords them the opportunity to be amongst nature and majestic animals he also balances his life with a variety of hobbies which fill his time and in some cases is growing in value at all times. It starts with his affection for comic book heroes.

Sergio Benitez has always been a collector of comic books and he has hundreds of comic books from the greatest era in comic book history. He enjoys the stories and characters that have been portrayed through this exciting medium for as long as he can remember. He also collects toys from a number of industries around the world. From the simple toys that can be found in a cereal box or at least used to be able to be found in a cereal box to the more extravagant toys which are modeled after the most iconic characters in television and movie history, he has a vast collection that he stores in locations that keep them safe and secure as well as preserved for as long as possible.

One of his favorite toys of all time is his Corgi James Bond Aston Martin. This is one of the leading toy manufacturers in Europe and they are known for their striking detail and accuracy in their models, especially when it comes to vehicles. He also enjoys collecting memorabilia and toys that have come from the Batman character and the franchise that surrounds it. His favorite era is the 1960s Adam West Batman and the Bat mobiles that were produced during that era.

Sergio Benitez is a serious toy and comic collector that is always online sharing, discovering, buying and selling items from throughout the world. He has an eclectic and uncanny knowledge of toys, manufacturers, designers and values in his head and it is truly one of his greatest passions. He enjoys going to toy conventions where he can trade with other collectors and talk about pieces that he has or is looking for. He finds these engagements to be fantastic opportunities to engage with his passion for toys and it is appreciated in addition to the ability in this modern age to connect through digital means in forms and Internet groups. What he appreciates most about his hobbies is the fact that it continues to go up in value and he gets to live a little bit in the world of the characters that he regards so highly.

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