Serviced apartments in Pune – when you look for more options than just hotels

You belong to the breed of modern day business executives who are always on the run. Every month, you are in a different city or in a different country altogether. Earlier, your company would arrange for your accommodation in a hotel; but of late, it has begun to prefer service apartments, which are kind of new things in Indian hospitality sector.

First things first, service apartments were the results of the business executives who wouldn’t feel at home at the hotels. They would constantly miss their homes. This need for a home like accommodation led to the birth of new segment of accommodation called service apartments.

In a typical service apartment, you’d find more space than a typical hotel room. Plus, you’ll have access to the attached small kitchen to make your own food, whenever you feel hungry. And what’s more, it costs your company less than what it’d have to pay for a hotel room.

Living in a service apartment in Pune is an experience in itself. You feel very much like being at home. And you can stay longer and for a less tariff. Take for example the case of accommodation choices in Pune. There are hotels, guest houses, and service apartments. But, if you have not tried service apartments in Pune , then you must. You’d love the experience. Imagine your stay. You’d have more space and you wouldn’t have to eat the hotel food even if you crave for home cooked food. With a separate kitchenette, you’d be able to shop for the local groceries and vegetables and make food of your choice. You’d have access to a host of services such as room cleaning, 24 hour water, etc.

If Pune is on your radar for the next business trip, make sure you book your stay in any of the Pune’s service apartments. You can leverage the search capabilities of Google, Yahoo, or Bing to find out the best service apartments in the city so you can call the staff there and see what they have to offer to your accommodation needs. For solo travelers, one bedroom service apartment will suffice; however, if you are visiting the city in a group, then you may have to book a 2-rooms, or 3-rooms or 4-rooms apartments.

Last, but certainly not the least, you should conduct online or offline search for accommodation in Pune well in advance so that you do not have to experience last minute hassles.

Book your  accommodation in Pune in a nice service apartment and see the change it brings to your stay in the city. For more on the benefits of serviced apartments in Pune, please read our other articles.