Pune Travel and Accommodation Tips

Pune is not just a cultural capital of Maharashtra, but home to students from far and wide who come to the city for pursuing their higher education. Looking at the sheer number of universities and educational institutes, it won’t be wrong to term Pune as the education hub of India. However, the city is also a haven for travelers who want a short break from their daily life, and indulge in reading, relaxing, and a lot of fun activities.

There are museums, forts, adventure parks, friendly locals, and local cuisine that you may not have tried in all your life. Pune is surely a city with a difference, and you need to spend at least a week here to get to know the true colors of the city. And to enjoy a hassle-free holiday, you would also need a comfortable and affordable accommodation. This is where serviced apartments in Pune come into the picture.

Though hotels are also great choice, but Pune service apartment are a whole new way to spending holiday in a city. What I find most fascinating about Pune service apartments is the space, service, and affordability, which I generally don’t find in hotels. Whether you opt for a studio apartment, or a bigger one, you get a kitchenette to cook food. You can also stay for as short or as long as you wish; so whether you plan to stay for one day in the city, or a whole week, you can stay in a comfortable apartment. Finding a service apartment in Pune or any other city is a matter of a few minutes when you’re searching through Google. An ideal search could be like, ‘service apartment’ plus ‘name of the location’; in this case, the search could be like ‘service apartments in Pune’ or ‘Pune service apartments’.

Once you’re done browsing a couple of sites, you’ll be in a position to decide which service apartments are ideal for your stay, and how much you’d have to pay. With the contact details provided at the site, you can contact the staff and book the accommodation. Some leading service apartment providers also let their website visitors book their apartments straight from the website. Filing up the form usually takes a minute or two, and you instantly get the confirmation for booking. When you’ve checked in and rested for a couple of hours, note down the places in advance that you want to visit. You can go online to find more about the Pune attractions, and the best ways to get to those attractions.

Pune is a nice city to enjoy a family holiday. For more Pune travel tips or about serviced apartments in Pune, please read our other articles.