Using Technology to Engage your Students

Learner-Centered Environments



● student created charts  ● anchor charts  ● student selected work samples/achievements are displayed ● word wall constructed with students throughout the year ● labels on things ● student centered bulletin boards


● mats for the floor ● desks in groups ● choice in learning space ● additional/comfortable furniture ● "learning zones" flexible areas for whole group, small group, independent work, etc ● collaborative group tables ● small group area ● sit on stand when they work


● all materials are accessible for student use ● students know when and where they can access materials ● choice in resources ● engaging parents in learning process

LCE at Stoneleigh

Student-Centered vs. Teacher-Centered

We are now going to start to look at other factors besides space that fit into a learner-centered environment. Take your envelope and with your group sort the statements on your anchor chart from last week into either teacher-centered or learner-centered.

What will you do next?