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Sessions & Kimball LLP's attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, and other employees are committed to protecting employee rights. As one of the largest firms in the United States committed solely to this area of law, Sessions & Kimball LLP allocates all resources and legal services to representing employees who have been denied their rights. Services include litigation, appeal, class action suits, settlements, and involving government agencies when appropriate, among other measures.

The firm’s attorneys have tried and succeeded in thousands of cases. Numerous publications have reported on the firm's triumphs. The Los Angeles Times and the Orange County Register and other media have printed more than 1,000 articles and comments from Sessions & Kimball LLP’s attorney. Those attorneys teach courses at local law schools on subjects ranging from wrongful termination law and negotiation to sexual harassment in the workplace. The firm’s law school casebooks that teach the laws of sexual harassment in the workplace and wrongful termination are the only such texts available.

The attorneys of Sessions & Kimball LLP encourage individuals experiencing problems in the workplace to learn their rights.

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