Kiley B. and Kelsi W.

  • Cultural etiquette used when in public, when dining and when dating:

They eat out a lot. And if you're invited to a person home always bring a small gift. Dining out is pretty relaxed because they are a very small country. They don’t have much People do judge on how you dress and how you behave in a restaurant though. Be served a couple courses and you’re expected to eat them all. Even if you don’t like them.

-Weddings and funerals:

  • Roman catholic traditions. Big church weddings much have a simple ceremony at city hall. Familys make a very big deal out of just like here .
  • They believe in the afterlife. Very much with their religion       
  • Their Celebrations have religious origins. The Feast of Saint Devote and john, the saints of Monaco, is celebrated on 27 January. And on 24 June,. Religious holidays are celebrated with the closing of businesses, church services, and traditional customs. TNCM dedicates these to the preservation and revival of Monegasque folk traditions and festivals.

  • Mealtimes, typical diet for each meal and traditional foods that we eat in the US:
    They always have olive oil in or with their food and they eat traditional Mediterranean food so fresh veggies are in every dish. Drink a lot of Italian and French wine.

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