the columbian exchange

Exchange between the old and new worlds!

Did you know that some of the products that we have today could have ended up some where else in the world? When Columbus began his explorations and inspired many others to do the same, he began this process of exchange. Items from the "old world" (Europe, Asia, Africa) began to show up in the "new world" (North and South America) and trade began. Items from the new world were traded to the old world and the trade continued.

cocoa bean are a new world product and made there way to the old world. this exchange had an impact on chocolate and sweets all over the old world. today europe is kown for their chocolate.

small pox is from the old world but was carried to the new world. small pox is a disease that is contagious and can affect people from all ages

bananas are from the old world and was brought to the new world by explorers. bananas are used in recipes and are eaten by humans and animals.

Pumpkins were found in the new world and traded into the old world. Europeans have little use of this product because many dishes do not contain this ingredient.

Grapes are from the old world and were brought to the new world. In the new world grapes are a fruit that is eaten by many people and we have grape vineyards that make wine and grape juice.