District of  Thneed

Our nation's delicate landscape expresses our peoples' humility


This story begins with a man named The Once-ler. He was cast out of his family and sent on a voyage to develop himself along with his 'chaotic' ideas. As he left his family, he set out on an unknown journey to a lost destination. After weeks and weeks of searching he finally found a land lost to those without imagination. This land was speechless. It was where "the Grickle-grass grows... [on] the Street of the Lifted Lorax." This land is a stunningly, beautiful "pristine valley containing happy, playful fauna (Swomee-Swans, Humming-Fish, and Brown Bar-ba-loots) that spend their days romping around blissfully among [the land's native] Truffula trees." These trees are colorful, fluffy, even wooly creatures that seem almost impossible to view with the eye. As The Once-ler grew to love this environment he invited his, once abandoned, family and many close friends to come and experience the wonders of his land. As time passed, many heard the stories of this land, visited, and grew to love it too. Soon enough the District of Thneed was created.


This forest of Truffula trees(the District of Thneed) is protected by the Lorax. He is our main source of security, though, if he is not available, his many assistances will take his place. His assistances are the Brown Bar-ba-loots. If anyone in our country is need of assistance we have every sort of help you could think from the little hugs for a sad face to the ambulance for the insane ideas of chopping down the trees. These guardians will not only our help our citizens in time of need, but will be there friends too. Along with protecting our citizens, they, as the Lorax would say, "speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues." Basically they will protect our citizens as well as the environment around them. Overall our country relies upon the fellow man, the Lorax, for its protection.


In the District of Thneed, many of our residents homes take after our founder's ideas. His first house he built was a beautiful, crazy shaped house with bright majestic colors that reflected how happy he was. As the Once-ler did his home, those who grew to love the area decided to stay and partake in the creativeness that shaped the housing you may see in the District of Thneed. The houses vary from tiny, humble cottages to ginormous, glamorous mansions, due to the variety of people our diverse culture attracts. These homes are located in so called villages, or small cities, that contain a population of altogether about 4,000 residents.  

Relationships to Family

Our families in the District of Thneed really focus on staying together and helping each other out, since our founder's family was so cruel to their baby son. In the common family there is a mother who cooks and cleans and decorates everything to be unique compared to all others, a father who provides for the family and participates in any political associations and is the 'director' in running his family's 'show', the daughter(s) who learn from their mothers to be creative and unique in themselves and help to 'nourish' the family's active duty in the community, and the son(s) who help their mothers in doing chores around the house and have to take after their fathers, as they are their role models for the future.

Each family, on Monday nights, has a family night where they get to know each other even better and play games to unite then as a whole. As a result of this productive event, the families of Thneed really connect to each other and have a deep connection with one another. In comparison to other nations, our founder believes that our country is the most family oriented society in a million miles.

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