effects of isolation

by: logan stepanick

Economy: Japan economy was affected by isolation because they had a source of money (rice) that was reprehensible so the more fields you own the more money you had. the only problem was if their was a storm you money was threatened to get swept away by the storm. their money system was also not that efficient because people could gain money by making rice not by working.

society: the society was affected because they couldn't get new supplies from other countries so if they ran out they wouldn't be able to get new supplies you would just be out of that supply. the positive was that they would only trade with people that they trusted thus making them less vulnerable to the seizing of their country from other country's.

social structure: the social structure was affected because they had no person to question the social structure. it was positive because the shogun could stay in power easier. they stayed in power easier because they would not rebel on the city because wouldn't know that if they did rebel they could potential conquer the city.

this is the japan social struture
this is the Japan money system
this represtnts the denial of trade

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