Antigone -Emmanuel , Jazzmin , Erving 2/24/15
Sentry: I'll not say that I'm out of breath from running, cause every time I stopped to think about what I have to tell you . I felt like going back
Creon: Can you get right to the point, What are you going to say
Sentry: I didn't do it
Creon: Boy you better tell me
Sentry: It's so bad I don't know now to say it
Creon: Hurry come on say it
Sentry: Polyneices has been burned
Creon: Who has done this to Polyneices
Sentry: Honestly I don't know who did . Someone covered him with dirt
Choragus : Do you think the gods have took matters in their own hands
Creon : The gods could not have done this that's crazy
Sentry : May I say something
Creon: you are annoying
Sentry : No you're annoying so is it me or you?
Creon: Are you really trying to question me now ?
Sentry: Not what I said its what happend that hurts you
Creon : You really talk to much
Sentry : I didn't do anything wrong
Creon: Ok!
Sentry: How bad is it when the king judges you
Creon: Bring me the man
Sentry: Bring him the man either way I'm safe

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