Lauren Winstead



Uncle toms cabin

Tom saves Evangeline from drowning

Tom's death

Tom's whipping

Topsy with the rich girl of the family taking her in

The Horrors

Mother and child separation

Heroes: Uncle tom, Emily Shelby, George Shelby, George Harris, Eliza Harris, Eva, Quakers, Senator and Mrs. Bird, Cassey

Villains:Marie, Tom Loker, Simon Legree, Mr. Haley,

Redeemable people: Aunt Chloe, Arthur Shelby, Harry Harris, Augustine st. Clare, Miss Ophelia, Topsy.Emmeline

1. Often beaten and tortured - makes readers feel compassion for the slaves

2.Tore families apart - made them think bout their families

3.Poor conditions - realized how badly they were treated

4.Were not allowed religion - showed how the slave owners tore the very basis of  their lives apart

5.No education - to show how they did not allow them to be like everyone else

6.Little or no pay - not able to make a living to get their freedom

7.Little food - show the poor conditions

8.Most never got freedom - make the readers realized the confinement of slaves

Does this book affect you emotionally? The book defiantly plays with your emotions. You see the horrors of slavery while seeing the love between a family be crushed by characters like Mr. Haley and Simon Legree who pull them apart with no remorse.

How effective was this technique in persuading people against slavery? The feeling of anger and sadness you feel with Uncle Toms cabin makes people realize that slavery is so much more than simply having someone to do work for you. It tears families apart and has innocent people die for the selfishness of one man.

Is this book relevant for people of today? People today see this and i believe it keeps people from going back to the old ways of racialism and it keeps people from using others and gives people a more sense of compassion.

Is it too painful? Feeling pain is how you change so no, it's not too painful.

Do people need to be reminded of what slavery was like historically? yes because it keeps people from going back to their old ways and yet we still have a few people who are racist today.

which is mightier?

The pen or the sword

Abraham Lincoln credited this book for starting the civil war because the author created it to the people about how bad slavery is and how it causes so much pain. He wanted things to change and so he showed how families are torn apart and people are tortured and how selfish people can be. This outraged the southerners, however because they wanted slavery and needed it for their plantains. They thought it showed how terrible the southerners are and they believed everyone would turn against them which in refer created the war. This book sparked the southerners outrage which is why I believe that the pen is mightier than the sword for more reasons than one. Even though the sword can cause so much physical damage and is essential for getting a point across for good, the pen creates a more intense emotional connection to the problem at hand. Internal conflicts are more thought about and processed than any war that is happening. With a war or battle, the only thing on people’s minds is the fact that so many people are dying and they forget about the actual reason for the fight. People lose sight of fixing the problem and simply take out their anger by killing. On the other hand, in the midst of reading or writing about the problem, people have to think about the words in which they are writing or reading and lets them create their own opinion. Words gets people minds in the right state for change. It also creates a more organized and peaceful change without having to create even more of a problem by picking up weapons and starting a war of anger. Anger being channeled into words is how you get your inner feelings across to be able to try and change others minds, and isn't that what all revolutions and problems are solved? Either in compromise of mind changing. Even if a war is happening the war is not over until a peace treaty is signed. If I’m not mistaken, a pen is needed for signing therefore, whether you kill millions or none, the pen is needed for change. Without it, there will be no compromise, settlement, or change. The pen is much greater than the sword no matter the circumstances.

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