Instructions for doing an Every Door Direct Mail Campaign

There is no better way to  advertise than with Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail


                         17.3 cents postage
                          No mailing list required
                          No bulk permit required
                          Jumbo size postcards, flyers, menus and more

                           Larger ad space with Jumbo mailers
                           Target the area you want
                           Several sizes to choose from

Step 1: Creating your Mailer

  • Click on the link below to create your printed piece
  • Choose your size and layout
  • Upload your own design or use the design editor
  • Go to check out and finalize your order

Step 2: Pick your Target Area

  • Click on the button below to choose the areas you want to target
  • Enter an address close to where you want to target
  • Pick the routes you want to target

Step 3: Generating Your Paperwork for the post office
after your printed piece is ready

  • Go back to the USPS website and enter the routes you chose
  • Select your drop off date and check out on the USPS website
  • You will need to set up a user account.
  • Important: keep a written record of your user name, password and CRID number
  • Choose your payment method: PAY AT POST OFFICE or PAY BY CREDIT CARD

Step 4: Print ALL Forms

Step 5: How to create bundles

  • Using the form above as a guide this form tells you where you can drop your mailers
  • This form also tells you how many bundles you will need to make
  • The post office requires bundles of 100 pieces for all mailings. Looking at the form above for 33317-C026 you would provide 3 bundles of 100 and 1 bundle of 66 piece, and so on for the other routes.
  • The facing slip in your paperwork needs to be completed for each route
  • Using 33317-C026 as an example you will fill in the date field with the date you are dropping your mailers at the post office. You will enter 100 into the total number of mailpieces field. You will enter the number of bundles you are providing for 33317-C026.  In this case we already determined we needed 4 bundles total (3 bundles of 100 and 1 bundle of 66 pieces.
  • Rubber band your pieces and facing slip together.
  • Take all pieces and your paperwork to the post office

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