Cherokee: An Early American Tribe

Location: the map shown above is the location,  near the Applalation Mountains

Government: One famous leader was a lady named Wilma Mankiller, she was the first female principle chief of the Cherokee. Seqouyah was another famous leader, he came up with an alphabet for the Cherokee language.

Their government was a representative democracy,( indirect)


One of the major battles weer the french and Indian war, and also The Cherokee war.In the french war the British war the British told the Indians that if they moved the Americans that they would get their land back, but they never got their land

The Cherokee war is when the Cherokee had a civil war that lasted 15 years

Culture: Women- The women controlled the property/land and kept the children

Men- they would be in charge of hunting

Education-The boys were taught by their uncles on their moms side, The girls were taught by their mothers of other women or older girls in their family

The Cherokee lived in wooden houses made out of logs

Men wore leggings and breeclothes, and women wore skirts and poncho style shirts

The foods that they ate were beans,stew, deer meat, turkey, corn, squash, and berries

Religion-to put their religion in one category would be wrong, they would even out the balances of the upper world and the earth by using rituals, prayer, and ceremonies

Economy: trading partners were the British , in augusta

They would trade food, seeds, tobacco, and animal seeds.

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