My Values

By: Asadbek Koshniyazov

My religion comes first in everything in life.


I was raised my whole life and taught to follow it no matter what situation I am in.(exceptions for this like if somebody is forcing you physically or threatening you for real)


I love my family more than anything except loyal friends and my religion. I was raised by them, cared by them, they spent sleepless nights making sure I could sleep when I was a baby. I would never be able to repay them for what they did for me.

3rd:Loyal and Best Friends

For this I really don't think there should even be an explanation for this. With loyal friends, you can laugh with them, tough out hard times, talk about how stressful life is, and most of all, have the best memories with them for life.


My reason for education is so that I can have enough money to take my family places around the world and have a nice house and stuff. But before all that I want to explore the world and go to bizarre and dangerous places.


The only thing I could think of after all these things was soccer. I love soccer. I play it every time I have a chance. I love crossing people up. Its just something that I loved the moment I first saw people playing it.

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