Conflict in Libya

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Obama talks about the issues needed to be resolved in Libya. Things like the rebel groups and the milita taking over after Gadafi was taken out of power. Things like refugees fleeing the country and immigrating to Europe.

Who are the enemies?

The enemies are the remaining militia and rebels who still decided to run things their ways and different factions after the government i. the death and removal of Gadafi caused a huge power gap so anyone left over from the original rebellion with a gun and a plan has a more power than the rest of the population?

The Tobruk is led by Khalifa. It is the national Libyan army and they are fighting the "rebels"

Who is concerned?

Of course Libya is concerned, because they can't establish anything real until things have been calmed down. The U.S. Is concerned because they want to establish "proper diplomatic relations" with the new Libyan government once it is formed. Neighboring african countries could be concerned about those militians invading and causing trouble with their people. And Europeans should be concerned as there is an estimated 10,000 Libyan refugees seeking sanctum in Europe.

How is this conflict being fought?

The rebels and militants are using guerrilla tactics. There are mostly direct conflicts and such since drone strikes would cause more civilian casualties than enemy casualties.

The cause of the conflict

The cause of the conflict is the power gap since the only leader was taken out. Factions are struggling to see if they can come up top and are trying to push western forces out. The main government, however, wants to establish economic relations with western countries to sell their oil fields to.

Peace efforts

Obama and other influential powers are trying to convince neighboring african countries to influence the militants and factions to stop. They hope that these neighboring countries have friends or allies in the factions and if they are convinced they might convince others to stop fighting.

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