Hi guys, I'm back. Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been busy with all the fun I have been having. Here is a photo of the pals and me playing cards. I won that game. Some stuff that I do to pass the time is play cards and go to musical concerts. Even though it cost twenty-five cents, it's worth it. There's not much to do here. Since the weather is starting to change and it is becoming winter we don't do many drills at all and we move into more comfortable shelters. The food here isn't that great and not very fresh either. I personally actually like the raw beef unlike others. It's not great, but it's the best they got. Camp is becoming a bit more fun. We have more free time and sometimes you can sleep in a bit late since there are not that many drills left to do. #fun #cards #winner #music #life #confederates