The city: A story - blog post prompt 1

This week I learnt that cities are shaped by people and their needs. After looking at Hong Kong from a distance (google maps) I was able to clearly see where the main/hottest areas in Hong Kong were. When walking around Hong Kong in places like Cause way bay or central it is hard to realize that you are actually closer to the sea than the middle of the island. From looking at google maps I can tell that most of Hong Kong is pushed along the outskirts of the island, and in fact there are not many buildings in the middle.

I think the reason that all the buildings are closer to the sea than in the middle of the island is because of tourism. Hong Kong is very famous for its tourism and many people consider it an international place.  With it's constant flow of people streaming in and out, Hong Kong's a perfect place for shops to become well know or hotels to grow bigger. Since Hong Kong is an island it is surrounded by the sea, and what better place to set up shops and skyscrapers than next to the sea! All of this is due to producing a landscape that appeals to the audience. Therefore the life of Hong Kong is along the rim of HK instead of the middle.

In some ways this is a good thing; the landscape of hong kong attracts attention all over the world and people to to great extents to travel there. It also means that there is still quite a bit of wildlife in Hong Kong, maybe not as much as a place like Madagascar, but it has a decent amount of jungle and green. The cons about having the buildings all clustered together by the ocean on a small island is that the main areas are packed with buildings and transportation. CWB has always the worst pollution level and is always packed with people running around looking for shops. Places like Stanley were there are less people and transportation it is usually blue and sunny.

The City: A story - blog post 2 prompt and class discussion

How can I make a positive impact on a city? After watching the Ted talk about a guy who changed his village into a garden so that the village can grow their own food and also make use of the land that they have. I think this is a good idea because it allows to community to come together as a group and work on something that makes a difference in the community instead of just chatting with each other on facebook and not doing anything productive.

Very similarly to my previous blog post, people shape cities. Many may ask "How do I affect the city around me?" and there are some very straight forward answers: we made the city. The city is only made to accommodate our needs and wants, therefore he city is designed the way we want it designed. Obviously its not designed to satisfy everyones needs, but is mainly based on the people opinions. Take HK for example, HK has tons of high ways and roads leading to houses and buildings of all shapes and sizes. All of these roads and highways are built to accommodate for the general populations needs.

Take cause way bay for an example. There use to be many small local chinese shops and stalls set up along the sides of the roads and many wet markets. Now causeway bay has been replaced with a shit ton of new popular shops like Marks and Spencer and fast food places like Mcdonalds and Starbucks.

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Hi Camille, This is a very good blog post but I think that you could work on developing your ideas more.