Sydney Smith


Yearbook cover

For the yearbook this year I got to draw and design the cover. I think that's really cool because I love drawing and painting. I hope everyone else likes it. Finishing the yearbook was also a great feeling because none of us felt as rushed to get things done. I missed the pizza party at the end, but at least I got soda...


We did run into some problems like having blurry photos and getting information. We had some difficulties when it came to who was doing what page and sometimes our pages were rushed and we didn't get to put in some cool things that we wanted to.


Merry, Naomi, and Lily

In Publishing class I didn't know anyone because I was new. Everyone was kind of quiet because we didn't really know each other well, but towards the end we could really work as a team. Yearbook was fun because we got to know a little bit about each other and our interests.


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