What Forces Motivate the Characters

From digital media to the poem "Scars" to Oedipus
by: Albert Casas

OTK Forces

OTK Forces example 1: The force of knowledge made Jocasta to kill herself when she found out that Oedipus was her son and the prophecy came true

OTK Forces example 2: The force of knowledge made Oedipus leave his adoptive parents because he thought he was protecting his "parents" from the danger of the oracle's prphecy

SCARS Forces

Scar Forces example: In the poem "Scars" the forces of time changed the son's idea/opinion about his dad and his scars as he got older

Forces in media

Forces in media example 1 :hunger games

In the popular movie "Hunger Games", the forces of family motivate Katniss to protect her sister and volunteer herself in place of her.

Forces in media example 2 :Divergent

In this book and up coming movie forces that motivated the main character Beatrice Prior to make her choice to leave her faction was the force of acceptance because she thought she wasn't selfless enough for and the idea of faction before blood.

Forces in media example 3 :The Walking Dead series

The forces in the walking dead series is the force of survival. They motivate the characters to survive each from the zombies

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