Lord Capulet`s Journal

Act IV, Lord Capulet, Martin Na, Period 3

Romeo is now banned from the city of Verona. This isn`t the way I wanted to take revenge on him but I am still satisfied. We don`t need to see Romeo, the murderer anymore. My Lady Capulet seems to be happier than I am. All of our families were all in a big grief after the death of Tybalt. Romeo deserved it all. After all, Romeo was the one who killed Mercutio since Tybalt stabbed Mercutio under Romeo`s arm. He is the bad guy, not Tybalt..

Everything starts to entangle. Now, Juliet is saying that she doesn`t want to marry Paris. Why? Why in the world would she not want to marry the Paris? The royal? She definitely knows better than any other people that the marriage between the two will benefit the whole family and the whole city of Verona since we will have a quite big influence in the city. I just really don`t get why she is trying to kick away the good, the best fortune that can ever come up to her. After the death of my good cousin Tybalt, everything seems to be collapsing on me. Everything is happening the way I don`t want it to.