Family holiday recipe
Salad "Side by side"

It's very yummy when you look, and more, when you eat.

We make it on birthdays and anniversaries. My family uses this recipe for a long time. Over time, the evolution of technology and culture, the ingredients in this salad many times replaced. Let's say my great-grandmother would put in a salad fresh-caught grilled fish, and my grandmother, already used canned fish Soviet times. I am proud of my family, who transmits this recipe to continue no matter how it may be simple.


15 minutes

1. Boil the meat, beets, carrots and cut into strips.

2. Cut the cucumber strips.

3. Cut the onion into strips and pickle in vinegar.

4. Cut the potatoes into fine strips, washed in running water, is thrown back into a colander, then fry in deep fat until golden brown.

5. Spread on a dish in the center pieces of meat, pour mayonnaise on it, spread the remaining ingredients in a circle.

6. Before eating, mix all the ingredents very carefully. Because they can drop out of the plate.

I like to prepare this salad for birthdays of our family, because they get to the spring and summer months, when all the ingredients can be fresh and fragrant.


  • Beetroot 100g
  • Carrots 100g
  • Marinated Cucumbers 100g
  • Potatoes 100g
  • Onions 100g
  • Meat 200g
  • Canned green peas 100g
  • Mayonnaise 100g
  • Vinegar to taste
  • Vegetable oil 1 cup

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