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Beverly Ulbrich - SF Dog Connect Owner and Volunteer in San Francisco

About SF Dog Connect

Committed to community service, SF Dog Connect owner Beverly Ulbrich provides free workshops and lectures to various advocacy and charitable groups dedicated to the welfare of dogs. These organizations include Rocket Dog Rescue and PAWS, which awarded Ms. Ulbrich their “Heart and Soul Award” for her volunteer contributions to their organization. Certified by the American Kennel Club as an evaluator for its Canine Good Program, she performs temperament tests on dogs at the request of shelters and rescue groups. Before starting SF Dog Connect, Beverly Ulbrich accumulated a decade of experience as a canine behaviorist.

Dog owners seek the personalized assistance provided by SF Dog Connect to correct their pets’ problematic behaviors, such as fearfulness, shyness, resource guarding, and separation anxiety. Owners of new puppies seek help with housebreaking and establishing safety boundaries, as well as socialization. Above all, Beverly Ulbrich focuses on helping owners understand and communicate with their dogs.

Ms. Ulbrich belongs to the International Association of Canine Professionals and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Recognized as an expert dog trainer and behaviorist, she has appeared on several news and television programs.

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