Native Americans of The Virginia Coastal plane Region-AA

By: Amin Ahansal

Language and food

2 Female Deer

The three major tribes in Virginia speak three major languages, Algonquain, Siouan, And Iroquoian. The names of the tribes are Cherokee, Powhatan, And Monacan. All of the food they ate was based on where they lived, Which meant they would eat whatever they could get their hands on. Let's start with Powhatan, Since they were the closest to the ocean, They would usually eat Crabs, Fish, Oysters and generally everything around that area. They also ate whatever they could hunt and grow. The Cherokee mostly ate animals, Such as Deer, Rabbit, Squirell, And more. They would also grow  food, Such as Corn, Beans, Squash, And others, Which is almost the same as the Monacan.

Type of Shelter and Products

Powhatan village

All three major tribes in Virginia live in a type of shelter called a Longhouse. They are made of braided wood, And they can last a very long time and protect from the cold. Longhouses usually have small chimneys so that the family that lived in their could have a small fire, And not worry about the smoke. There are two versions of Longhouses that I know of, One shaped cylinder like, And one shaped dome like. The products the Native Americans made were simple, But hard to make at that time, Which includes but is not limited to, Pottery, Beads, Necklaces, Bracelets, And decorations. The Native Americans of Virginia worked hard to make things like these, And they did a good job of it, To. Some of the products they made were dangerous, And some sacred, Like spears, Arrows, Bows, Sacred clothes, And others. They made lots of things for themselves, Protection, Hunting, And sacred reasons, Of course.

History and Jobs

John Smith's map of Virginia, 1624

The jobs of the three major tribes in Virginia are quite simple. The Women would grow and harvest crops depending on the season. The men would hunt and fish, Depending on the season also. And the Children would sometimes help them do their jobs. On the history of  Native Americans, The first man to discover the Native Americans and the second one to America was named Christopher Columbus. He left shortly after that, And in 1606 the first settlers came from England. They built a colony, And named it Jamestown, After the king at the time, King James. The state was already named Virginia in honor of previous queen Elizabeth. The only problem is that most of the people on these boats were used to being served, And there were too little workers, Farmers, Hunters, Etc. This meant things were going to run very horribly due to the lack of work. One time everyone living in Jamestown were going to leave, But by chance, Out of the whole ocean, A supply ship for them passed by. They helped the supply ship dock and loaded the supplies into Jamestown. For a while the colony traded with the Native Americans, But that generally went downhill until they did not like each-other due to the "Gentlemen" That make people serve them.

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