End 9weeks Project

Letter of Recomindation

Dear Ms.Segapeli,

I am applying to Georgetown University, and would very much appreciate a recommendation letter from you.

Attached, you will find my Brag Sheet which lists my strengths and accomplishments to use in your letter. While I would be happy for you to include any of the attached information , I would most appreciate you focusing on the following characteristics and achievements:

I am a single mother yet I stay active on a softball for Voodoo Dolls for city league. I am a full time student at Pebble Hills High School and I still find time to spend time with my family as well as baby sit my 3 toddler cousins.

Please address the letter to the following:

School: Georgetown University

Attn: Admittance Office

Street address: 11709 Coral Palm Ct.

City, State and Zip Code: El Paso, Texas 79936

Please do the following when the letter is complete:

Please mail to Georgetown University

37th and O St NW, Washington, D.C. 20057

Thank you very much for your time and for your valuable recommendation.