4.2 Alcohol and its effect on health

Alcohol is a group of organic compounds.

General formula is ...

They contain hydroxyl group which is ... This is their functional group.

List of first five alcohol members are: methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol and pentanol

Structurally, they look like this.

How is alcohol produced? Take a look.


What is the name of the enzyme in yeast that causes fermentation?

What is the purpose of the oil layer?

What is the temperature for this reaction to occur?

Why is this reaction sensitive to temperature?

The product produced is not pure. How do we obtain pure alcohol?

How distillation works?

General Characteristic of alcohol



strong smell   


low boiling point  

burns easily   

soluble in organic solvent: ether, chloroform and benzene


Combustion of alcohol

making sweet/strong smelling stuff

when you add alcohol and acid, they form a sweet/strong smelling compound called ester.