The Mechanical Reaper

By:Austin Brock

The Mechanical Reaper was invented by a man named Cyrus McCormick in 1831. Used for cutting small crops it replaced the manual cutting the crop with scythes and sickles.Developed to cut wheat more quickly and more efficiently. 

The Mechanical Reaper is a horse drawn mechanical machine used for harvesting grain or other small crops.

How Does It Work

McCormick used seven fundamental principles in the invention he invented. A divider separated the wheat so it could be cut . The reel pushed the wheat towards the knife and then pushed the cut wheat onto the platform. A straight reciprocating knife cut the wheat. Fingers held he wheat while it was cut. The platform held the cut wheat. The main wheel and gears drove all the moving parts of the reaper. The front-side draft traction provided the reaper a firm grip on the ground 

The Mechanical Reaper created no problems then or now and the Mechanical Reaper it made life better because it made farming easier 

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