Mady S.
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The place that I have always wanted to visit is Australia. Australia is ancient and has some of the oldest geological features in the world. Australia is home to the largest island in the world and one of the most famous rocks "Uluru". Uluru is so familiar in travel brochures and magazines because the surprising shape of the rock can be viewed from space. The reason that I want to travel to Australia is because of the culture and animals.

My greatest talent is basketball and soccer. I play soccer for the Spokane Shadow A team and basketball for the Spokane Stars. I have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and basketball since I was 6 years old.  

In ten years, I will hopefully be at either Gonzaga University or Stanford University, playing college basketball and getting my degree Doctor of Physical Therapy degree so I can become a Physical Therapist. I have wanted to be a Physical Therapist since I was 12 because I wanted to help all the athletes who got injured, become well so they can play again.

What makes me the happiest is going to Disneyland with my family. I have been to Disneyland 9 times and Disney World once. My favorite part of Disneyland is the rides and pin trading. My favorite rides are "California Screaming", "Thunder Mountain", "Splash Mountain" and "Tower of Terror".

Who I was 10 years ago, was a little 4 year old who followed her older brother an sister like their shadow. I looked up to my siblings and always wanted to be like them when I was older. As a 4 year old, I was either at a soccer field or baseball field or a hockey rink, cheering my siblings on.