Feature Stories

How and why do we change?

Students share stories of transformation.

In some cases, a feature story is a portrait of a central figure in a news situation. It is not primarily analytical, but highlights aspects of the subject's background and career that shed light on that figure's role in the current event. A feature story can also simply be a description of a person that illustrates a unique quality of the subject. Get a sense of how to write a feature story by browsing the NYT feature story examples below.

In Cry, the Beloved Country, Stephen Kumalo is transformed by his experiences in the novel. Which of his characteristics are featured as a result? What are different ways that people are #transformed by their experiences? For this quarter, we will read stories of various types of character transformations.

Write a feature story in which you describe how a person has changed as a result of his or her circumstances, highlighting the specific traits of the subject. Your feature story should be about a real person. Post your feature story in a Tackk ( accompanied by a photograph, representing the subject or theme. At some point in the body text of your tackk, use the hashtag (#transformed).

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