World War 1 Photo Essay

#Nationalism #Assassination

World War 1 started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand(right) was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip(left). Princip was a Bosinian Serb who was one of the six people recruited to participate in the assassination of Ferdinand. These six people were recruited by a man named Danilo Ilic who was a member of Black Hand Secret Society. This assassination caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia, leading to Russia declaring war on Austria-Hungary, leading to a long chain effect resulting in almost the entire world forced to participate in the war.

#Militarism #DeathMachine

The machine gun was a weapon developed to rapidly fire multiple bullets in a short amount of time. This invention lead to many deaths during World War 1. As armies charged across no man's land, machine gunners would mow down hopeless soldiers as they charged towards their deaths.

#Militarism #DeathFromAbove

The mortar was a weapon that fired mortar shells towards enemy soldiers that would explode on contact. These weapons had devastating effects that would leave giant holes where ever their shells landed.  When one of a mortar's shell lands, fragments and pieces of metal would fly in all directions causing fatal injuries. This caused soldiers to dig trenches to protect themselves from the flying fragments of the shells.

#Militarism #Trenches

Soldier's were forced to dig deep trenches and wear gas masks due to the development of a lot of new technology. These new developments included bombs, machine guns, and poisonous gas. These deep trenches protect soldiers from enemy gun fire and mortar bombardments. The trenches couldn't protect them from direct mortar bombardments but provided safety from the metal fragments that fly everywhere after an explosion caused by a mortar shell. Even though the use of gas projectiles was not allowed during the war, the participants found loop holes allowing them to project the gas and allow the wind carry them to the desired locations. This caused soldiers to wear gas mask most of the time because gas attacks were frequent.

#MIlitarism #TrenchFoot

Trench life was very bad. Trenches were usually muddy and sometimes flooded. These horrible conditions led to many soldiers obtaining a symptom called trench foot. Trench food caused many soldiers to be unfit for combat. Trench foot develops when one's foot is always in a cold and damp setting causing his or her foot to become numb and develop blisters leading to fungal infections and amputation if left untreated.

#TotalWar #LifeAtHome

Many civilians whose homes were near or on battlefronts had to experience conditions similar to soldiers. Sometimes, stray bullets, bombs, or gas attacks could affect these civilians. This pair of mother and daughter had to wear gas masks while at home because some stray gas were blown towards where they lived.

#Total War #WorkingWomen

When the war started, millions of working men were sent to the front lines. Since these men could no longer work the jobs that they had, women started to take up the jobs that these men left behind. People also had to start rationalizing food because there aren't as many workers helping to produce food since a lot of men left to join to army.

#TotalWar #RuinedLand

The war left devastating impacts to the land. This is a picture of a battle field that contains hundreds of holes left by mortar bombardments and is pretty much unusable for farming now. The poison gas and metal fragments that are now contained in the ground would make the land infertile. If someone wanted to rebuild this land, it would take years and even decades to rework the land.

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