By: Madison Lowden and Tommy Wagner

Aphrodite and her son Cupid shot Zeus with an arrow and made him fall in love with Europa. Europa wakes up from a dream and two continents are fighting over her. Europa and her maidens go down to the sea and pick pretty flowers. Zeus transforms into a bull and Europa mounts him. Zeus abducts her and takes her to Crete, Zeus' home island. Zeus and Europa made love and had two children. The children were named Minos and Rhadamanthys.

Moral: If anything is to be learned it is to not get carried away with men and women. Don't give in to temptation and stand up for yourself. Europa was kidnaped and should have resisted.

Connections between Europa and the world...

1) Jupiter has a moon that is named after Europa. Io (another Greek story) and Europa were named by Galileo

2) A continent named Europe is named after Europa, the Queen of Crete

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