Galileo - the telescope!

As decided in our groups, our children's book will be geared towards elementary school kids around age 10-11. I think one of the most important aspects of Galileo's life was the telescope. The myths about who actually invented it, how Galileo used it, and how it changed the scientific world in regards to space and astronomy. The problem writing on this aspect of his life would be that it doesn't give much background as to what else was going on in this time. I'm hoping other pages in the book will lead up to his involvement with the telescope. I feel that it is important because Galileo is most known for his involvement with astronomy (other than his exhalation from the church....). I also think it is something that children of this age would be most interested in. Kids like stars, the moon, and learning about different things in the sky. By writing about the telescope it would give kids a gateway into how big the universe actually is beyond our little world. It would give them a beginning of technology and the wonders it helps us see.

Another problem with this idea is that I cannot at all. So trying to add pictures to this concept could prove to be interesting.