Cheer leading

NCMS Cheer Squad @ Cheer Camp Summer 2k

What is Cheer leading?

Well , as many people know Cheer leading is a popular sport worldwide! There are many things to Cheer leading such as different jumps, stunts, tumbling skills and so much more. Many "performances" as you would say take place at many sporting events, pep rallys , and for some cheer teams even competition!  

New Caney Middle School Cheer Team 2014-2015

Squad Friction

There are many problems in cheer leading , but I believe the number one problem in cheer leading is squad friction. Whether it be the common girl drama or something even bigger , squad friction is definitely something to care about and fix at the source! A big question with this certain subject is "How do I fix it?". Well one way is to sit down with your team and discuss the issues you all may have. If your not one to necessarily "lay it all on the table" try maybe a team bonding party or a game!

How to do a simple "toe-touch"

One of the most popular jumps in cheer leading is the "toe-touch". It is probably one of the most simple jumps form wise. First, you clap your hands and hold for counts 1 and 2. Also remember to hold the clap right under your chin. Then, you put your hands into a " high v" and hold for counts 3 and 4. After your hands are in a " high v" you bring your arms down and bend your legs and "slice" your arms. (Which is when you cross your arms in front of your knees) Then you want to jump with your legs turned out and your arms in a "t" form. After you land you want to clean , which is when you end your jump with your arms to your side and legs together.

Facts about Cheer leading and a picture from Cheer Camp

Injuries in Cheer leading

Did you know , cheer leading carries the highest rate for catastrophic injuries in sports? Cheer leading is believe it or not is a highly dangerous sport! From the stunts to the jumps you can get injured very easily and quickly. Many causes of injuries have a lot to do with in correct landing of stunts , playing around during a stunt , not stretching properly or not at all and many more. The effects of injuries can hurt your team as well as yourself! Just remember to always stretch properly and have plenty of spots around you stunt including your coach and/or instructor to prevent serious injuries.

Football .VS. Cheer Leading

Football vs Cheer leading is probably one of the most on going arguments in sports. Wether it be which is more dangerous , which is a "harder" sport , or even which is more popular . So I wanted to see which is considered a more "dangerous" sport. I gathered as much information as I could to honestly see which sport has been considered to have more recorded injuries. Above is what I have found!



1. What are 2 things that make Cheer leading dangerous?

2. Was Cheer leading originally a male activity?

3. List two ways to solve "squad friction".

4. What two counts do you hold a "high v" for when doing a toe-touch?


Stunt(s) - Building performances displaying a persons skill or dexterity.

Instructor- A coach or leader in a sport or extra curricular activity.

"toe-touch"- a specific jump in cheer leading

Jumps- An airborne position not involving hip over head rotation.

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