The Truth About Depression

A joke to start things off: I was diagnosed with depression the other day. It made me sad.

But seriously folks, depression is no laughing matter. Their are many common misconceptions regarding depression and its status in the medical world. We chose a common myth to illuminate and expose as a lie.

Myth: Depression means you are one of the following: weak,an old person, a woman, crazy, or just a loser.

Fact #1: Depression does not mean you are crazy. It is a mental disorder similar to others, and all it means is that you have a problem that is negatively affecting your life. You are not "psycho".

Fact #2: Depression is usually a condition in which "will power" to get out of the slump is not applicable. Many people think it is an extreme form of sadness coupled with a lack of self-discipline. This is not the case. If it were ordinary sadness, one would feel better within a while. Just because you have depression does not mean you are weak.

Fact #3: Depression is suffered by both men and women. While it is true that more women suffer from depression than men, men often have it worse due to society believing that they must not show weakness. Depression does not discriminate so anyone of any background can be effected.

Fact #4: Many believe that depression only affects old people. This is not the case. Depression is not a usual part of the process of growing older. In fact, teens and young adults struggle with depression even more than older people at some times.

Fact #5: Many believe that depression is only for losers. This is a ridiculous notion as depression has affected the following very successful people:Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, George Patton, Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, J.P. Morgan and Michelangelo. So being a loser is not a requirement for depression, as many successful people have been stricken with it.

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