Previously On . . . .


      Before she went back to school, there was this thing called summer. She went to Great Wolf Lodge with family and friends. She had a great time going to other water parks too. Her summer was full of watching T.V. and playing games.

Watching T.V. all day.


      As you may know, summer has ended and Kaitlyn is just entering middle school. She  has been experiencing freedom and being able to go to class alone. Along the year she learns what there is to know about middle school.

What a middle school class would look like.


      The year goes by in the blink of an eye. She recaps on everything she had learned and wished she knew it before going into middle school. A quote "Middle school isn't that hard once you're use to the schedule." Her last few days have been very significant to her, her friends, and her teachers. She will later experience her summer.

So true . . . .