Swift Funds - Managing Special Services

Swift Funds is a financial services company stationed in Rolling Hills, CA. Having been in the financial industry for many years, Swift Funds provides their services exclusively to health clubs and fitness centers in America. For gyms in the health and wellness industry, it is an answer to prayer as Swift Funds provides many of the services that fitness center will often need help in. Swift Funds is geared to take over the account receivable section for health clubs in order to properly handle the acquirement of delinquent payment from members of the club. With gyms filling up with more members every day, Swift Funds seamlessly takes care of a precious side of a gym while that fitness center can focus on what is required of them, helping each member achieve their personal fitness goals.

Swift Funds is the perfect company for health clubs to have in their corner. Going beyond what is required of them, Swift Funds provides marketing resources to health clubs who are interested in promoting the gym. More often than not, fitness centers are advertising special rates and deals to attract new prospects into the gym to potentially become members. Health clubs also take the time to send out offers to current members in hopes to retain that member with them. Gyms also promote themselves and events, which they may be sponsoring to get their name out into the public eye. No matter what the message is, Swift Funds can provide the tools for marketing necessary of the gym to send its message out. If a gym doesn’t know quite what to say, Swift Funds has the experience to give recommendations for health clubs that want to put banners, posters, postcards, letters or window clings to use.

Health clubs need to focus on their member services in order to keep members happy and healthy. Swift Funds also provides aid to gyms with its health club management software. This software is a program to monitor nearly everything a fitness center could ever need. From inventory management to employee or member profiles, the health club management software does it all. If a fitness center provides a special services such as yoga, CrossFit or pilates classes, the health club management software can completely monitor all the info of the class to ensure high productivity and efficiency. This is yet another way Swift Funds follows through for health clubs and fitness center throughout America.

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