dear big bad wolf

would you like to almost be killed? well I bet not .well guess what you almost killed us which is bad enough for you to go jail.Plus you destroyed our house. you did not stop there instead you blow them away. And if you don't think that is a enough, well you chased us for miles until we ran all the way to bob's house were you stopped.would you like to be killed?

You almost killed us! don’t say it was a accident we saw it in your eyes, look at those pigs filled of fat and meat. It is just like saying that to some one very important. I bet you wouldn't say that to them. because you will be thinking they will tell me never to come to the city again. well we could tell a very important, how would you like that?

you destroyed our house. you also destroyed our house so now we have no where to live seeing as bob will now not lets us in. So you should come over soon as you have finished our don't think it is okay no no no you blow all of the bits all over the place so we can’t find the bits ,if we could we would not be asking you to come and remake our house.

you might think oh I they have only got two reason on their side of the argument well you are wrong. you chased us of miles on end until we got to bob’s house where you were to dumb and try to go down the chimney while the fire was on. we have got to say that must of hurt. ow. now to get back to the argument you have now chased us so far that now frank and I are very skinny, even skinnier than you.

now there are our reasons on why you should go to court and be put to jail for a whole year on seeing on what you have done. don’t forget about on coming to our house ares to remake them. Oh bye the way you will have to buy the following items 1000 tones of gold, lots of animals, and a barn for the animals,wod plus a pool.wait one more thing this will be due in 2 years and until you have made the house we will be staying at our place.

(the pigs)

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