By: Peyton Roth

Belize General Info

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     Belize is a nation-state along the coast of Central America on the Southern Hemisphere. Belize is the only Central American country that has an official language of English. Some other commonly spoken language, however, include both native, Belizean Creole and Spanish. Belize is located south of Mexico and north of Guatemala. The mainland of the island is only 8,867 square miles.

      Due to Belize's small amount of land and low population of only 350,000 people it has been deemed the lowest population density in Central America. Belize has a large abundance and diversity of marine and land species that attract many tourists to look at. Belize is a famous tourist spot for many people because of its many attractions. Some of these include The Great Blue Hole (pictured above), scuba diving, and the many different cave exploration.

       Belize has a deep and important history which starts when Belize was inhabited by natives. It was later taken control of the British Empire. From 1862 until 1973 the are was called British Honduras until becoming its own independent commonwealth realm in 1981 with the Queen of England as the remaining leader.

     Some notable things that have been developed in Belize are chewing gum and punta music.

      Here is a map of Belize:

Belize's Great Blue Hole

     The Great Blue Hole of Belize is one of Belize's main attractions for tourists to come see. It is a large submarine sinkhole that is by the middle of Lighthouse Reef, a small area only about 50 miles off the mainland of Belize. It is a circular hole that is 984 ft across and 407 ft deep. It was formed during the quaternary glaciation when the oceanic sea levels were much lower. When water began to rise again the cave was flooded, creating what is now known as the Great Blue Hole.

Here is a video of the view of it from space from the ESA:

Belize's Cayo District

     One of Belize's most convenient areas is the Cayo District. It is a popular tourist destination filled with many activities for people to do. Some of these involve exploring the city district's rich history. Having many temples and ancient artifacts make for a great tourist attraction. The Cayo District is a great place and has much to do.

Below is a photo of a girl examining an artifact from the Cayo district

This is Belize's national flag

In Conclusion

In conclusion Belize is a great place for both tourism of the many exciting things to do and research on the deep history and culture. Belize is a wonderful nation.

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